I make sure that you have first-class care.

The massage studio is located in Karlovy Vary in a

pleasant environment, 

where you will feel peace and well-being. 

Your body and soul, struggling with everyday stress, will be taken care of by a nice, professional masseuse with a number of certifications, who holds a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

 A shower is a matter of course. Parking is free right near studio.

Cleanliness and level is in the first place.

 We use disposable sheets, disinfect laundry, the massage room is always wiped down and the surface is cleaned with a disinfectant. 

Disinfection diaries are kept in massage parlors. 

The oil is replaced with a new one after each customer, also using hygienic gloves.

 Before the actual start of the massage, the client takes a shower and the masseur washes his hands with antibacterial soap.

 We believe that you will be satisfied with the service and that you will remember this experience for a long time... and that you will be happy to come back to us. 

We look forward to you.

 Erotic massages are full of excitement and erotic tension. This is a classic relaxation massage with practiced eroticism.